ROUND INCURVEE STYLO NEOlift High precision styli TPS® Targeted Pulse System Specific shapes adapted to the face and precision zones. Smoothes wrinkles and fine lines and allows a deep toning and detoxification... read more


SIZE L SIZE M SIZE S NEOcup The spherical tissue fold CPS® Cupping Pulse System Sizes adapted to the different areas of the body to be treated. Firms the figure, defibrates rebellious fat, and improves the quality of the... read more


EVOSPHERE The spherical tissue fold The EVOsphere, exclusively available on the DXTWIN and DXSMART, is a hands-free treatment head equipped with the patented RTM ® (Rotational Tissue Mobilization). This unique technology exerts a circular stretching and contracting... read more


ROLLERS EVO3D The double tissue fold, 2x more effective than the palpate-roll*. The EVO3D treatment head is equipped with the DNP® (Double Negative Pressure) patent.This technology, available on all DX devices, generates a double fold of skin tissue for a simultaneous... read more