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Our body is our most precious possession.

We must preserve it by providing a gentle, effective and appropriate response to the small signals it sends us:

digestion problems, circulation problems, dull complexion, stress, lack of energy…

At STARVAC®, we have designed a range of food supplements based on natural plant extracts that nourish the cells from within and deeply stimulate your metabolism. Our Slimming and Draining nutricosmetic cares help controlling weight and our Lifting care helps getting firmer and toned skin. In a course of treatment, our food supplements will bring a natural solution to your problems of energy and well-being. They optimize the effects of the beauty salon cares and boost your results.

Our supplements are made with natural plant extracts, which provide complete and natural solutions to your problems of energy and well-being.



Your ally against fat.

Are you tired of this fat on your thighs, hips and stomach that just won’t go away?

Le Minceur is the ideal fat burner, especially for fat reserves. The alliance of 3 dry extracts of plants: green tea, guarana and Coléus Forskolii; works on thinness and helps with weight control, to reduce the appetite and to regulate fat riddance.


GREEN TEA: stimulates the breakdown of fats.
GUARANA : contributes to the reduction of body fat.
COLEUS FORSKOLII : regulates the destocking of fat reserves.


Light as a feather.

Do you feel a sensation of heaviness and bloating, particularly in the legs? Le Draineur improves excess water elimination thanks to its 10 extracts of plants. The fennel, the dandelion and the Melilot improve the elimination of water and contribute to the normal operation of the urinary system; While the artichoke, associated with the Papaya, helps with the reduction of lipids in the blood and loss of weight. The draining action of the Ash Tree and the Orthosiphon complete these actions by improving the renal elimination and is boosted by the detoxifying and decongesting virtues of the Fumeterre, the Rosemary and the Hamamelis.

Contrary to popular belief, it is necessary to drink a lot of water, especially in case of retention, to boost its elimination, so don’t hesitate!

FENNEL: promotes the detoxification systems of the body

ORTHOPHISON: facilitates weight loss in addition to dietary measures.

ARTICHAUD : draining, it facilitates the urinary elimination.



The guardian angel of your skin.

Do you dream of regaining a beautiful skin? Le Lifteur is perfect to fight against wrinkles and fine lines, dehydration, loss of radiance or lack of skin flexibility. Collagen and hyaluronic acid are essential to maintain the elasticity and moisture of the skin.
Did you know that their production decreases with age: -50% from the age of 50 and there is only 10% left after 60 years.


MARINE COLLAGEN : protects cells against oxidative stress
HYALURONIC ACID : a natural component of connective tissue, it is the best moisturizing and anti-aging ally for all skin types.
CURCUMIN: helps fight against oxidative stress.
COENZYME Q10 : renowned for its antioxidant action.
ZINC OXIDE: known for its protective and purifying properties.



The partner of good meals

Don’t want to feel guilty after a night out with friends or a big meal?

Le Sauveur is your best ally against excess and perfect to help absorb and eliminate excess sugar and fat.

For more effectiveness, Le Sauveur should be taken between 15 and 45 minutes after the meal. Thus, it acts as a real sensor and reduces the absorption of fats and sugars by the body while accelerating their elimination and decreasing the appetite.


NEOPUNTA (prickly pear): pure cactus powder, ideal as a slimming product for natural weight management.
CHOLINE: eliminates fats and inhibits its storage, it is essential to the metabolism of lipids.