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Starvac, 50 years of history and success

At the origin, there is the father, Jean Frajdenrajch, watchmaker then physiotherapist, inventor of genius, and his son, Daniel Frajdenrajch, CEO of Starvac, also passionate about new technologies, who, by taking over, has been able to develop and perpetuate the Starvac brand on French soil but also throughout the world

Starvac is also a dynamic group of employees who are just as passionate, motivated and invested as its managers. The secrets of success Based on listening to and empathizing with his patients, but also on the effectiveness of his work, Jean Frajdenrajch has developed techniques and products that are 100% natural, without any side effects, non-invasive, painless, stimulating, relaxing, with lasting results on cellular and lymphatic stimulation.

Starvac has become an expert in developing complementary technologies for health and wellness with Cellular Stretching®, which reduces cellulite in depth, treats skin aging and improves blood and lymphatic circulation, and Pressodynamie®, which effectively treats veno-lymphatic edema, venous or lymphatic insufficiency, post-traumatic and post-operative edema, varicose ulcers and post-phlebitic syndrome?

Jean Frajdenrajch is the inventor of
of the first non-invasive technologies
for the treatment of connective tissue pathologies.

Our expertise

A group at the forefront of innovation since 1970

For more than 50 years, STARVAC has been designing, manufacturing and distributing equipment for health, beauty and sports professionals from Toulouse, France, and throughout the world. STARVAC, the French expert in tissue treatment, is constantly innovating in the development of 100% natural technologies. At the forefront of innovation, its visionary approach and the care it takes in research and development have positioned it today on the global health, beauty and sports market as one of the leaders in cellular stimulation of connective tissue. With more than 300,000 units sold worldwide and 27 patents registered, STARVAC owes its success to a passion shared by all the professionals who have chosen its care techniques to carry out tens of thousands of 100% natural and effective treatments every day, thus helping everyone to live in harmony with their body.


A know-how and a 100% French manufacture. A total control of the production chain.


A team of professionals dedicated to the training and support of users.

International Group

A presence in more than 20 countries around the world.

Patented innovations

An R&D department at the cutting edge of technology: 27 patents filed.

27 patents filed