Boost performance and optimise recovery

Cellular Stretching®, a gentle and natural method,
reactivates the natural physiological processes in depth.
Both in preparation and in recovery, Cellular Stretching® is a great way to
allows to optimize the performance of the sportsmen, accelerates the recovery
and significantly reduces the risk of injury associated with intensive sports practice.

Restore cellular health

The Pressodynamie® method stimulates cellular exchanges,
promotes the elimination of waste and toxins.
The dynamization of the circulatory system is deep,
optimal and totally controlled thanks to the DG2P and Active Wave® patents.
Pressodynamie® contributes to cellular rejuvenation
by promoting the intake of essential nutrients.

Improve and preserve


Thanks to its draining and defibrosing properties, the Cellular Stretching
allows for the natural and gentle treatment of all connective tissue pathologies
(scar, stretch mark, fibrosis, muscle tension, contracture…).
This technique of care allows a unique tissue seizure that the hand
nor any other device can reproduce. It releases adhesions
and revives exchanges, allows a precise and regular lymphatic drainage,
accelerates venous flow, eases muscle retractions and periarticular stiffness.


The Cellular Stretching® method exerts deep, effective and gentle mechanical actions on the cells and their connective environment.

Cellular Stretching® generates fluid, tissue and muscle movements that stimulate the cells’ membranes. The exclusive Starvac EVO3D and EVOSPHERE treatment heads uniquely mobilize connective tissue in a gentle, non-aggressive manner. Cellular Stretching® revives vascularization, improves skin elasticity, reduces inflammatory states and promotes the regression of fibrosis.
Lymphatic or venous edema, post-operative scars, fibrotic or muscular scars or stretch marks are treated in an optimal way, producing unparalleled results. For high level athletes, Cellular Stretching® is ideal for training preparation and recovery or to complement a muscular endurance program.

Regenerate and optimize the blood and lymphatic circulatory system

Starvac Pressodynamie® is an effective treatment for veno-lymphatic edema, venous or lymphatic insufficiency, post-traumatic and post-operative edema, varicose veins, varicose ulcers and post-phlebitic syndrome. For high level athletes, Pressodynamie® boosts muscle oxygenation, toxin and lactic acid drainage. The post-exertion and post-injury recovery process is dramatically improved, allowing the athlete to optimize their performance curve during their development program.


Starvac technologies offer the exclusive advantage of a dedicated cosmetic for the Pressodynamie® and Cellular Stretching® treatments. Applied directly to the skin, they penetrate to the heart of the cells and work with the accessories to get the desired actions and results.

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