PSX Pressodynamie ® (Pressodynamics)

Hands-free technology

Pressodynamie® acts on the blood and lymphatic circulation to eliminate toxins and waste in the body.

The Pressodynamie® technology is a natural and painless method of drainage allowing the dynamization of the veno-lymphatic system and based on two exclusive patents (the DG2P technology and theActive Wave) which offers a unique precision work allowing to stimulate and boost the blood and lymphatic circulation without obstructing the arterial network.

This method is particularly indicated to relieve the phenomenon of heavy legs, reduce water retention and refine the silhouette in the field of beauty. From a therapeutic point of view, this method is used to relieve many pathologies and in particular to treat veno-lymphatic edema, varicose veins, contractures, tears… It also allows the rebalancing and regulation of the physiological functions of our digestive system.


Premium Pressodynamie® technology

This compact device, equipped with the Pressodynamie® method, acts on blood and lymphatic circulation to eliminate toxins and waste in the body.

The PSXAW incorporates two exclusive STARVAC patents:
The DG2P system system controls in real time the pressure delivered in each chamber for a constant adaptation of the pressure gradient according to the evolution of the morphology of the treated area.
The Active Wave® (Dynamic Waves of Compression) is a real wave overpressure that propagates in the tissues generating an additional boost to the venous and lymphatic systems.
The PSXAW generates unique precision deep work and offers up to 12 times more stimulation per inflation cycle than conventional pressotherapy. It provides a feeling of increased well-being, in complete safety, with immediate results.


The Starvac PSXAW is a pressotherapy device for the treatment of the legs and body. The PSXAW is used to:

  • Stimulate lymphatic circulation,
  • Stimulate venous circulation,
  • Fight against the articular and muscular problems by a relaxing effect,
  • Rebalance the digestive system.
  • Aqueous, adipose and fibrous cellulite,
  • Veno-lymphatic drainage,
  • Venous insufficiency (varicose veins, heavy legs),
  • Muscle and joint pain.
Clinical claims
  • Treatment of aqueous, adipose and fibrous cellulite (to be verified)
  • Treatment CRPS -Complex Regional Pain Syndrome-(algodystrophy)- In English: CRPS: Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (to be verified)
  • Treatment of tissue damage
    (to be verified)
  • Treatment of veno-lymphatic drainage (lymphoedema)
  • Drainage treatment of superficial and deep hematomas
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Physiological Actions

  • Increased venous and lymphatic flow
  • Acceleration of liquid resorption
  • Reduction of the feeling of heavy legs
  • Relieves varicose veins
  • Decrease in edema
  • Recovery of the athlete
  • Facilitates the penetration of the active ingredients
  • Stimulation of intestinal functions
  • Relaxing effect

Physionomic actions

In beauty salons, a Pressodynamie® aesthetic device allows :

  • A slimming of the silhouette
  • A reduction in the “marbled” appearance
  • Firming of damaged tissue


10-cell boots

Perfect and continuous adaptation to the morphology.

Permanent self-control of the pressure for an optimized efficiency from the arch of the foot.

Improved drainage reinforcing the deep action on venous return. Reproduces the contractions of a body in motion and provides an increased feeling of well-being.

8-cell sleeve

Specific accessory for precise work on the upper limbs.

9-cell belt

Ergonomic belt working sequentially in the direction of the intestinal transit. This accessory allows to regulate and rebalance the physiological and emotional functions of our digestive system, restoring an optimal energetic circulation, promoting the return to harmony and balance.


Frequently asked questions

Can Pressodynamie® be performed on pregnant women?

Pressodynamie® is contraindicated during pregnancy.

It is necessary to wait 2 months postpartum with the approval of the doctor. Pregnant women are contraindicated for any treatment with our devices (see informed consent and have it signed).

Can Pressodynamie® alone allow a centimetric loss?
Pressodynamie® only allows a centimetric loss on aqueous cellulites.

For adipose and fibrous cellulite, Pressodynamie® should be combined with another slimming technology such as Cellular Streching®.

Is the use of cosmetics mandatory?

During a Pressodynamie® session, the use of cosmetics is not mandatory but highly recommended to bring added value to your services and a “customized” expertise to your treatments.

Can Pressodynamie® be combined with other treatments?


You can use Pressodynamie® as a complement to a slimming treatment or during a facial treatment so that the client gets a global treatment for face and body.

How often can we do Pressodynamie®?

It is recommended to do 2 to 3 treatments per week, spaced 48 hours apart.