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Aesthetic or therapeutic: Starvac reinvents lymphatic drainage

For over 50 years, Starvac has been innovating for health and beauty professionals. With the PSX Active Wave® and the DXTwin, the Toulouse-based brand is developing new technologies based on manual lymphatic massage methods and pressotherapy: Pressodynamie® and Stretching Cellulaire®. For fast visible results and unmatched comfort for the practitioner.

The dynamization of the veno-lymphatic system is at the heart of your practice, whether you are a health professional, a physiotherapist, or an aesthetician.
Pressotherapy (or drainage by pressure), by improving venous and lymphatic return, smoothes the sensation of heavy legs, favors the elimination of toxins, relieves varicose veins, reduces edemas and other lymphoedemas, works on cellulite, deflates the face, etc.

However, pressotherapy, including mechanical pressotherapy, has its limits.

  • We have enough scientific experience to know that the real impact on the lymphatic network is small, whatever the method.
    While manual or mechanical massage work on venous circulation, the benefits of these practices on the lymph are very low.
    The mechanical technique in particular shows its limits on the lymphatic network:
  • during the session, the person is relaxed, the muscles are inactive, the massage and drainage are less effective,
  • the weight of the legs on the boots reduces the benefits of the session,
  • the boots often compress the legs too much, this strong pressure presses on the tissues and reduces the circulation in the capillary network.

Concerned about health and aesthetic issues of lymphatic drainage and at the forefront of innovation, STARVAC offers a new technology:
Concerned about health and aesthetic issues of lymphatic drainage and at the forefront of innovation, STARVAC offers a new technology:


This new way of stimulating lymphatic and venous flows is based on two of our own patents: the DG2P (Double Gradient Pressure) technology and the Active Wave® included in our device the PSX.

Active Wave®: a massage wave with immediate results

The Active Wave® is the latest patent registered by STARVAC. To optimize lymphatic and venous circulation, the process relies on :

  • an optimized drainage action: the wave moves up along the limb, from bottom to top, in the chambers, improves of the venous and lymphatic return by acting directly on the microcirculation of the capillaries and extra-capillaries.
  • a double-action on blood circulation: the system combines a basic pressure with pulsations that increase gradually, for more efficiency and in-depth work that stimulates the venous system.
  • a reproduction of muscle movements, as if the lower body were in motion, increasing the sensation of massage and reducing the impact of the patient’s weight on the capillaries.
  • an unequalled comfort for the patient who no longer feels the constraint of the chambers but on the contrary experiences a beneficial massage.

The DG2P system: double physiological pressure gradient, a world first!

With the DG2P method, STARVAC relies on the precise adapation of the device to the patient’s needs.
The inflation chambers incorporate a first pressure gradient for a precise adaptation to the morphology of the person’s limb.

The continuous pressure of the inflation chambers is readjusted throughout the session, according to reactions and needs.

The inter-connection of the chambers (up to 29!) and their precise control add a double gradient of physiological and mechanical pressure.
Particular care has been taken with the inter-cell walls, or chambers, to include them into the system and avoid stagnation zones for an anti-tourniquet effect.

Sensors manage the whole system: each cell is inflated only when the previous one reaches its maximum level. During settup, the chambers adapt perfectly and automatically to the limb’s morphology.
Moreover, the first cell for the legs includes the arch of the foot: as soon as it is inflated, the lymph is activated, reproducing with precision the stimulation of walking.

These two technologies reinvent pressotherapy by reproducing the palpate-roll technique but in a deep and constant way, with a wavy overpressure acting on the venous network AND on the lymphatic system.
And this for immediate results at the end of the session.

Go further with depressotherapy (called mechanotransduction) and the DX range of devices

The DX devices are also effective in boosting blood and lymphatic circulation.
The DX improves the palpate-roll technique to a STRECHING CELLULAIRE® perspective.

  • It offers a three-dimensional action: it works in depth on the different skin layers. The Stretching Cellulaire® is an exclusive method of double mechanotransduction ensuring a dynamic work between the forces of traction and compression and guaranteeing a more effective and more precise tissue mobilization:
  • Evosphere lightly sucks up the skin and performs a spherical rotating massage on the skin fold.
  • Evo3D includes three massage rollers surrounding two skin folds for a twice as effective palpate-roll.
    The action of DX technologies stimulates lipolysis, reshapes the body, lifts the face naturally, reduces fat deposits, etc.


    It is also one of the most useful tools on the medical level for tissue treatment in order to restore flexibility to the skin and to the underlying fascias, to limit the adherence of the skin (scars), to even the appearance of the skin, to vascularize and drain, to soften and get of of fibrosis on the fascias, to free up the slip planes… also used in rheumatology
    Its action is also draining and stimulating on the blood and lymphatic circulation to:

  • treat tendonitis, sprains, tears and contractures,
  • reduce scars and edema, hematoma and burns,
  • evacuate toxins and unclog tissues.

The combination of two techniques (Pressodynamie® and Stretching Cellulaire®) ensures optimal lymphatic drainage while providing the patient with a sense of well-being that goes beyond the simple gesture of treatment.

STARVAC devices: complete, efficient and easy to use

The PSX range includes, in addition to the control unit, our famous innovating accessories: 9 or 10-chamber boots, 8-chamber sleeves, but also a STARVAC exclusivity: a 9-chamber belt.

The massage belt focuses on the drainage of abdominal fluids and the enteric nervous system through its 9 chambers. This in-depth treatment goes much further than simply relieving digestive problems by taking care of our second brain. Relaxation is guaranteed for your customers.

However, STARVAC is also thinking about practitioners when developing their devices.
Both the PSX and the DX range are controlled by a central unit that can easily manage 40 programmed protocols. Of course, the parameters are adjustable according to the needs and desires of the patients and clients. Some include storing patient files.

The accessories incorporate state-of-the-art technology, but are also designed for ease of handling through the constant attention paid to their ergonomics. User manual, indications, and practical training by our services accompany caregivers and practitioners.

The inflation chambers or accessories are fully compatible with our cosmetic products.

The drainage of the lymph will be more efficient with our draining cream with the freshness of menthol, decongestant, and horse chestnut which will stimulate the resorption of edemas. The patient will be even more relieved and the practitioner’s gesture will be facilitated by the application of the creams.
A significant time saving

With these two devices, lymphatic drainage sessions are shorter and more effective. The DX range of devices has been designed to be at the service of the practitioner’s hand and its range of DX accessories facilitates a more precise technique, more efficient gestures, so sessions can be shortened. You may suggest additional manual treatment, other treatments, etc. But above all, there are many protocols: in addition to drainage, you can also offer other treatments, slimming and anti-aging aesthetics or therapeutic.
STARVAC lymphatic drainage means effective results for optimal profitability.

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