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Aesthetics: what if you offered a real buttock push up treatment?

Do your clients want to have beautiful, shapely buttocks without plastic surgery, injections or other invasive methods? Here is the Starvac solution which, in a single treatment, provides a long-lasting shaping effect, easy buttock modeling and a unique muscle stimulation: the Stretching Cellulaire®.

Some parts of the body tend to age earlier than others. The buttocks are part of it: cellulite, withered skin, loose muscles, and even stretch marks. And despite a healthy lifestyle, sport practice, massages with a revolutionary cream, etc., the results are often disappointing.
In addition, the solutions that work, besides push-up pants, are invasive and painful: plastic surgery, implants, etc.
With Starvac technologies, the body itself will operate a real transformation of the buttocks, in just a few sessions. Here comes the Stretching Cellulaire®.

Cellular Stretching®: care beyond buttock sculpting

For over 50 years, Starvac has been innovating in health, beauty and sport. Its creator has always placed the interest of the patient and the respect of his body at the center of his research.
Reflections on the benefits of ancient techniques, such as palpate-roll, have led to an unprecedented turn in the use of depressure-therapy devices.
The principle of a massage is simple: to launch a physical stimulus to obtain a chemical reaction. This is mechanotransduction.

Rather than simply treating the symptoms, Stretching Cellulaire® goes beyond mechanotransduction to find within the body the tools of its regeneration.
Starvac’s teams have succeeded in offering devices that double or even triple these effects, while using half the suction force on the body.

And here are the results.
By stimulating the different layers of the skin and the components of the dermis, Stretching Cellulaire® improves microcirculation, boosts blood and lymphatic flow, increases the production of elastin and collagen, breaks down fatty deposits, and so much more…
All this without pain or lesions, on the contrary: Starvac treatments are known to spread a healthy and rare well-being, ideal for your customers in beauty salons.

One treatment - three targets for shapely buttocks

Thanks to its innovative treatment heads, our range of depressure-therapy devices (the DX) works simultaneously on three axes to reshape the buttocks:

Stimulation: the lymphatic flow drains waste, fat, water and toxins.
Modeling: the massage reaches the myoblasts, that repair the muscles, and thus reactivates the micro-circulation.
Firming: the fibroblasts, that structure the skin, are also stimulated.

Slimming, firmness, detox, suppleness of the skin: a single gesture for multiple benefits.

A cure of 8 to 10 sessions of Stretching Cellulaire® gives incredible results: shaped buttocks, reduction of the buttock fold and cellulite, tightened skin!

And because our massage devices work directly on the causes, the results of the treatments are long-lasting.

A three dimensional massage

The action of our treatment heads, including on the DX Smart convenient for a beauty salon, has no equivalent on the market.

The EVOsphere combines a suction cup effect with a rotating massage to refine the modeling of fibers, especially collagen, to trigger detoxification and soften the skin.

The EVO 3D incorporates three massage rollers that double the effects of a classic palpate-roll. The skin is stretched and then goes between three rollers of different shapes and sizes. The massage brings firmness and slimming, and the width of the head is ideal for aesthetic treatments around the buttocks.

The NEOcups for a gentle reshaping on areas difficult to reach on the body.
And the results on the body are impressive: + 49% of skin elasticity, a slimming effect and a proved firming of the muscles. A treatment to reshape the silhouette that goes far beyond the mere push up of the buttocks.

All this, as we said, without pain or discomfort for the client who will instead feel the well-being of a gentle massage.

The use of massage products is compatible with our devices.
Of course, Starvac has turned to natural and paraben-free active agents to develop gel and massage cream.

In addition to the masseur’s gesture, the action of our products gives faster results.
The AMINCISSANTE slim, for example, is a cream made with guarana and horse chestnut, active ingredients that target fatty deposits, and ivy to firm and tighten the skin while reducing the orange peel appearance.

The REDENSIFIANT serum is a gel based on hyaluronic acid for a plumping effect, ginseng to stimulate collagen production and horsetail to re-mineralize the dermis, boost elasticity and firm the tissues. For face and neckline care.
Our range of 7 cosmetics is a real bonus in the management of your clients’ aesthetic concerns.

Devices also designed for professionals

With our treatment heads, the practitioner becomes a real sculptor and can adapt to all morphologies and all areas of the body.
We have also designed our equipment to facilitate the professional’s work.

The DXSmart is easy to manage with a touch screen. It offers no less than 42 programmed protocols, a large part of which are for aesthetic treatments.
It comes with a wheeled furniture to move from one treatment room to another. The different treatment heads can be connected very easily.

The shape of the heads have been carefully studied both to fit the body and to ease the gestures of the beautician. The buttocks area has many kinds morphologies, our heads will easily adapt without effort for the user.

Finally, the amazing results obtained with our devices on the body, and especially the buttocks, are the best ambassadors for your institute.
The clients, who have become loyal thanks to the softness, quality and efficiency of the treatments, will not fail to talk about it around them.

This is also the strength of the Starvac offer.

Join our big family

By becoming Starvac partners, you have access to:

  • a unique and efficient method of treating the skin and dermis: Stretching Cellulaire®.
  • the joy of expanding your treatment menu, gaining expertise in slimming and anti-aging, seeing in just a few sessions the positive effects on your clients’ bodies and their morale,
  • word-of-mouth and loyalty directly impacting the popularity of your institute,
  • sate-of-the-art devices at the cutting edge of technology and above all made in France: hence a reactive after-sales service rarely needed on this type of device,
  • training on all aesthetic treatments: buttocks shaping, of course, but also facial aesthetics, treatment of cellulite, stretch marks, scars, remodeling of the entire body, etc. Our device will become the central actor of your success,
  • a rapid return on investment thanks to customized financing and profitability from the very first month (a treatment of 10 sessions per month at a competitive price is all that is needed to repay the monthly financing chosen),

Contact us for more information on our products and especially the results of studies and images on buttocks reshaping.

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