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Fat clusters: offer your clients effective care

Fat clusters, orange peel skin, cellulite, behind these names hides lipodystrophy, but also and above all skin deformities that affect mostly women. By chosing Starvac devices and Stretching Cellulaire®, you guarantee your clients visible results in the aesthetic field.

Skin deformities caused by cellulite affect nearly 90% of women. The famous fat clusters are more or less visible and appear when the dermis is pinched. This warped appearance is also often called orange peel skin.
As aesthetic and beauty professionals, you know that fighting cellulite is not easy. The majority of techniques and treatments (creams, mechanical palpate-and-roll, laser, surgery) are short-lived, have little effect or are invasive and painful.

Always looking for solutions that respect the human body, Starvac developed the Stretching Cellulaire® a few years ago. Based on mechanotransduction (the effect of a physical stimulus on a chemical reaction), the underlying philosophy of the treatment is to find solutions within the body itself. Without abusing it.
Reactivate the cellular and mechanical functions of the skin gently combats the different types of cellulite in a single step.

Adipose cellulite, as its name suggests, comes from an excess of fat cells or adipocytes in the skin. These fatty masses hinder the evacuation of toxins and cause inflammation. It is often due to an unbalanced diet and weight gain or to a sedentary lifestyle. It affects the stomach, thighs, knees, buttocks and hips.

Aqueous cellulite is the consequence of water retention. The lymphatic and blood circulation is of poor quality, water is not evacuated. The whole leg can be affected as well as the inside of the arms, areas that are not easy to treat.

Fibrous orange peel results from a concentration of poor quality collagen fibers around the adipocytes. The dermis is hard and the fat clusters are painful to the touch. This is the most complicated cellulite to treat.

Effective management must therefore:

  • stimulate lymphatic and blood circulation to evacuate toxins,
  • “break down”, “divide” the fat, water and damaged collagen cells,
  • act on the deep layers of the skin, particularly the fibroblasts,
  • facilitate the production of connective tissue: healthy collagen and elastin
  • stimulate the dermis to boost the natural production of hyaluronic acid.

This is exactly what Starvac offers with the Stretching Cellulaire®, in a single massage.

Stretching Cellulaire®: twice as effective as mechanical palpate-and-roll

Allowing the skin cells to regain their natural functions is at the heart of the Stretching Cellulaire ® mechanism.

Our DX depressotherapy massage devices:

  • work on cell stimulation,
  • at the same time, boost the evacuation of toxins through the blood and lymph,
  • reactivate and support lipolysis (fat breakdown).

Our treatment heads incorporate technological innovations that are unmatched on the market for their total control of connective tissue.

EVO3D The treatment head is twice as effective as the palpate-and-roll with a suction that is half as important and therefore twice as less traumatic for the body. The three rollers of different shapes and diameters work simultaneously on two skin folds, for surface and deep treatment. Collagen is stimulated, elastin fibers are regenerated and adipocytes are reduced. Blood circulation and lymphatic flow regain their elimination function.

EVOsphere: it combines suction and rotary massage, an innovative and exclusive technique that works on the entire connective tissue. Soften collagen, boost elastin fibers, break up adipocytes. Toxins and fatty deposits are broken down, removed and eliminated.

NEOcup: targets stubborn fiber cells, small size suitable for hard-to-treat areas including the face for anti-aging treatments.

Our range of DX machines offers about thirty protocols depending on the treatments needed, three of which focus on different types of cellulite.
The results are there: fat clusters and orange peel skin are blurred after only 3 sessions.

Beyond the treatment of cellulite, our devices offer anti-aging beauty care, scars and stretch marks reduction, and work on the remodeling of the silhouette with an undeniable slimming effect.

The DX massage devices are available in several references according to their functionalities, their performances and the therapeutic or aesthetic field of application.

The DXTwin offers over 30 protocols and comes with different treatment heads including the Pilot and the EVOsphere and EVO3D massage heads. Ideal for a large beauty salon, SPA or thermal SPA.

The DXlight is our smallest and most functional unit, and is particularly suitable for beauty salons with small spaces.

All our devices have a screen and buttons designed for an interface easy to use. Similarly, the treatment heads have been designed to facilitate and accompany the professional’s gesture and to be an extension of his hand.

Natural cosmetics as a backup

To enhance the benefits of Stretching Cellulaire® treatments, Starvac has developed a range of specialized creams that can be used with the treatment heads.

Among them, two products can support the work on cellulite:

  • the draining cream Drainante: unmatched for heavy legs thanks to the freshness of menthol and horse chestnut. Associated with camphor, these natural active ingredients stimulate venous tonus and capillary resistance.
  • Regenerating cream Regenerante: argan and avocado oils, royal jelly and marine collagen, this gel regenerates and restructures skin cells, moisturizes, nourishes and reactivates collagen production.

All our cosmetic products are paraben-free and made from totally natural active ingredients. They also increase the feeling of relaxation and well-being during the treatment.

Pressodynamie®: Starvac's other anti-cellulite weapon

Cellulite can also be reduced with our new pressotherapy technique: Pressodynamie®. As with Stretching Cellulaire®, we have developed home-made techniques and protocols, seeking to find the “weapons” within the body for truly effective treatments. Thus was born Pressodynamie®.

Boost the internal functions in depth and in a totally new way allows us to offer the only device on the beauty market that really revives the lymphatic circulation.

Our treatment boots work on a dual technology: a combined double pressure gradient and the Active Wave®. This active wave generates a sequential pumping wave that works directly on the micro-circulation. The results, especially in the treatment of heavy legs, can be felt from the very first session.

We have also developed customized “beauty” protocols, some of which are aimed at treating cellulite.

Starvac always at your side

Choosing Starvac devices and products means offering your clients aesthetic treatments (especially with results on cellulite) that are unmatched on the market, due to their approach to the human body and its issues. Loyalty and word-of-mouth will establish the professional reputation of your beauty salon.

On your side, you have the assurance of joining a system that goes beyond a simple purchase of devices.

Our founder was a physiotherapist, he always put the well-being of the patient and that of the professional at the same level.

Beyond the ergonomics, the ease of use and the interface facilitating the treatments, Starvac is a true partner of your success.

With the purchase of our products, free training is provided according to your field of intervention but also to ensure a quick return on investment.
We accompany you before the acquisition to find the appropriate financing.

Moreover, our devices are manufactured in France, in Toulouse, and our after-sales service and responsiveness are unmatched by our foreign competitors.
Starvac has already sold over 300,000 devices in France and abroad. More than 120 million care sessions have been provided.

Join the constellation of Starvac experts: trust professionals who, like you, respect women’s bodies, offer painless treatments and whose effectiveness has been scientifically proven.

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