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Granular skin: Stretching Cellulaire®, an all-in-one treatment

Skin discomforts can be permanently reduced thanks to a different approach to beauty care. With Stretching Cellulaire®, the massage looks for the body’s natural healing functions. And this, in a gesture combining effectiveness and well-being on all the areas of the body and the face. An ideal treatment for granular skin.

Skin with a grainy appearance, wrinkles and fine lines, stretch marks and cellulite, here is a new way to treat these imperfections of the epidermis.
Granular skin is largely due to excess of sebum in the pores. Wrinkles or fine lines are caused by the aging of collagen fibers and oxidative stress (lifestyle, smoking, sun, etc.) which produces poor scarring collagen, loose skin, rough surface, etc. Stretch marks are the result of inflammation of scars due to stretching of the skin, cellulite, excess fat deposits, etc.

All these aesthetic issues come from either stress, poor lymphatic circulation, excess of production (as with fat or sebum), poor lifestyle, or lack of nutrients for the cells that make up the skin.
The aesthetic approach to these concerns often involves different treatments (manual or mechanical massage, or others, etc.) with different cosmetic products. These treatments are often ineffective, especially on the long term.

What if you offered a global treatment, a soothing massage with quick visible results, a gentle technique that revives the failing functions of the metabolism rather than treating only the symptoms? Welcome to the world of Stretching Cellulaire®.

Mechanotransduction at the service of the skin

Granular skin is a good example of an imbalance in the dermis. This rough appearance is caused by blackheads or small pimples. This redness, which appears on the face or certain parts of the body, comes mainly from an excess of sebum. The seborrheic glands, under a certain amount of stress, start producing excessive sebum and fat. This clogs the pores, causing blackheads, pimples, micro-cysts, redness, etc. The skin becomes granular to the touch and dull in appearance. The same grainy appearance can be caused by excessive makeup or makeup that is not compatible with the skin type.

Another source of granular skin is keratosis pilaris. This time, it is the overproduction of keratin that produces these skin imperfections.

These imperfections, like others (cellulite, wrinkles and stretch marks), are the result of an imbalance between the skin’s superficial and deep cells: epidermis, dermis and hypodermis.

However, the treatments and products offered in a beauty care are intended to treat the symptoms. Masks, scrubs, massages, cosmetic creams, etc., target imperfections in the first place.

The Stretching Cellulaire® developed by STARVAC offers, on the contrary, an in-depth treatment, a care that will revive the defective functions of the skin tissues, that will treat the causes of granular skin.

Mechanotransduction is a natural phenomenon well known by physiotherapists. A mechanical action leads to a chemical reaction. It is, for example, the basis of massages and in particular of the palpate-and-roll which is certainly part of the care that you offer in your beauty salon.

For over 50 years, STARVAC has been developing natural and painless techniques and devices for cellular treatment. Mechanotransduction is therefore at the heart of our consideration. Our devices are designed to work, in a single treatment, on all skin cells through a method of cellular stimulation that works on :

  • fibroblasts or “youth cells”,
  • structural fibers: collagen and elastin,
  • fat cells or adipocytes,
  • the reactivation of the blood and lymphatic circulation to evacuate toxins and facilitate the arrival of nutrients in the cells: vitamins, trace elements.

With a double mechanotransduction, a single gesture creates a double-stretch on a single double skin fold. A massage that boosts the internal functions, firms the skin, rebalances the concentration of fat in the pores and therefore reduces the appearance of grainy skin. A deep and targeted action for fast and long-lasting results, with an effect that goes far beyond this single inconvenience. Your customers will get a supple and smooth skin texture, a natural moisture of the epidermis, a visible skin firming.

A customize beauty gesture

As beauty professionals, you know that there are many types of skins. If we take our example of granular skin, the sources of these imperfections are numerous and the appearance can change from one epidermis to another.

Similarly, granular skin issues often appear in hard-to-reach areas of the face and body. The treatments are therefore less easy to perform and can cause discomfort, even pain.

Thanks to the treatment heads of our devices, you can offer a precise and pleasant treatment. In addition, their ergonomics have been thought out to facilitate your gestures.

The combinaison of the beauty protocols already included in our devices and the different heads for the various treatments you are looking for, you will be able to offer your clients customized solutions to their skin problems.

In addition, STARVAC develops cosmetics based on natural active products. Our regenerating cream with royal jelly stimulates the production of collagen and improves the flexibility and elasticity of the skin. The hyaluronic acid and ginseng in our redensifying serum combine an anti-aging plumping effect with collagen production.

Our cosmetics are, of course, designed for use with our devices.
For more information about the effects of Stretching Cellulaire® on the skin and offer your clients a relaxing and effective treatment, check this page.

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