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Red stretch mark: a gentle and effective solution with Starvac

Treatments for red stretch marks (laser, peeling, cosmetic surgery) can be invasive, painful, and not very effective. With Stretching Cellulaire®, Starvac provides a gentle solution with visible results in just a few sessions, by finding the treatment of the red stretch mark directly in the body.

The appearance of red stretch marks on the skin affects mostly women.
These inelegant stripes are the result of stretching of the skin (pregnancy, weight loss or gain, growth during adolescence, hormones during puberty, etc.) that is not well supported by the cellular fibers. Faced with this aggression and the rupture of the fibers, inflammatory cells step forward over collagen and elastin, resulting in red scars on the surface of the skin in the stretched area.
Of course, these stretch marks must be treated as quickly as possible: in just one year, they can become white and much more difficult to erase.

A gentle alternative

On the market for the treatment of red stretch marks, apart from certain creams, oils or products with little visible effect, the procedures are often invasive and painful.

Laser treatment literally burns the cells involved with quite painful effects and random collagen densification. In addition, there are many contraindications to these laser-based treatments, and the healing phase can take months to see if the treatment has been effective. Note that this type of treatment is not possible on certain areas of the body: thighs, lower abdomen, breasts… In short, mostly where stretch marks appear. The total cost of laser treatment sessions is quite high.

The peeling: again, the gesture seems quite violent. Stretch marks are treated with glycolic acid, causing burning and tingling sensations. It will also take several healing months to know if the treatment worked…

Plastic surgery: can only be performed when stretch marks are accompanied by excess skin and fat (stomach, arms, thighs). It is a heavy operation, under local or general anesthesia with several days of hospitalization and quite heavy postoperative effects.

How about offering your patients a painless and effective treatment, with visible results from the vety first session?

Stretching Cellulaire®: finding solutions to red stretch marks treatment within the body

Most treatments try to target the consequences of red stretch marks, i.e. the famous stripes, even in the case of cream-based massages.
In addition, scar collagen, resulting from invasive treatments, is of poorer quality because it is synthesized in an emergency. It can be the basis for the appearance of fibrosis or induration of the tissues.

Starvac, for over 50 years at the forefront of innovation, has decided to ease skin and health issues by changing the paradigm: the body has its own defense and regeneration systems, and therefore its own treatment. A solution to reactivate them must be found.
Starvac treatment devices are thus designed to revive failing metabolic functions.

Welcome to the world of Stretching Cellulaire®: a gentle AND effective technique.

The comfort of the person being treated, whether for aesthetic, health or sports preparation purposes, has always been at the heart of the concerns of the creator of our company.
Starvac has therefore invested heavily in finding ways to reactivate the regenerative functions of the skin tissue while preserving the patient’s body: how to treat the causes rather than the effects with a gentle care?

The starting point is the traditional palpate-and-roll massage, which is well known to physiotherapists for its beneficial effects, particularly in the treatment of edema. Behind this gentle intervention lies one of the foundations of Stretching Cellulaire®: mechanotransduction. This technique relies on the ability of the dermal tissues to react chemically to physical stimuli.

Double mechanotransduction, twice as effective management

Our research has led to revolutionary depressotherapy devices: three times less suction for a result twice as effective.

This is how Stretching Cellulaire® was born, which integrates a double mechanotransduction.
The double skin fold massage, by stretching the fibroblasts, sends a stimulus that generates the production of hyaluronic acid, collagen, elastin and much more. These latter combat the effects of red stretch marks in a short period of time.

The treamtent heads designed for our DX range of devices integrate innovative technologies providing new treatments acting on :

  • fat cells or adipocytes,
  • the “youth cells” or fibroblasts,
  • structural and elasticity fibers: elastin and collagen.

At the same time, the treatments stimulate blood flow and, unlike other palpate-and-roll devices, lymphatic circulation.

In short, Stretching Cellulaire® is the most comfortable treatment technique because the massage provides a pleasant, relaxing touch.
Clinical studies and client feedback are clear:

In a course of 4 treatments of 15-minute sessions, the skin is smoothed, stretch marks disappear and a rounded appearance is achieved, particularly on the breasts, etc.
Do you know of a technique that is as quick, painless and effective?
The answer is simple: no.

Innovative treatment heads perfect for treating red stretch marks with comfort for the patient and the practitioner

Our devices include exclusive innovations that combine targeted and deep action. The skin is more elastics, the fibroblasts regain their efficiency, the production of good collagen and elastin is boosted as well as the evacuation of toxins.

The EVOsphere combines skin suction and circular massage to work on the dermis, hypodermis and epidermis, alerting collagen and elastin fibers for rapid skin regeneration.

The EVO3D includes three palpate-and-roll rollers of different sizes and shapes to work on a double skin fold: deep action to break up fat cells and surface action to activate microcirculation and above all to increase tenfold the production of collagen and the flexibility of elastin in order to erase the stripes of stretch marks.

NEOcups treatment heads target collagen fibroblasts even in hard-to-reach areas.

Buttocks, legs, arms, breasts, thighs, etc. Our devices are designed to fit all areas of the body. Special protocols to reduce and eliminate stretch marks have been put in place and the effectiveness of this innovative treatment has been clinically proven.

The fact that it works on the skin without pain but rather with a relaxing effect is a new experience for women prone to stretch marks.

On the other hand, the ergonomics of the devices have been studied in order to facilitate the practitioner’s gestures for more efficiency and less fatigue. The consistency and regularity of the action provided by the treatment heads increases the operator’s comfort during the treatment.
The central unit is available in three sizes, each offering easy head attachment interfaces and an LED panel with touch-sensitive buttons for precise settups.

The DXtwin, our top-of-the-line device, designed for large beauty salon or spa, offers 31 protocols, some of which are specially designed to treat white and red stretch marks directly. A follow-up database of 300 patients allows you to customize each patient’s treatment.

The DXsmart and DXlight are more compact but just as powerful and will fit nicely into a smaller environment.

Cosmetics that accelerate the disappearance of stretch marks

In addition to the devices, Starvac offers its own creams with natural active ingredients, designed to optimize treatments. They reinforce the quality of the treatment by improving the comfort of gliding but also by being easily assimilated by the metabolism.

To improve the treatment of stretch marks, you can choose :

  • our redensifying serum Redensifiant (for face and neckline care) with ginseng, repairing and stimulating collagen production, horsetail, re-mineralizing and improving skin elasticity, and hyaluronic acid, known, among other things, to tone the skin.
  • our regenerating cream Regenerante: with argan and avocado oil to restructure and regenerate skin cells, royal jelly that stimulates collagen production and finally marine collagen, for the flexibility and elasticity of the skin. Perfect for stretch marks eradication treatments.

In addition to stretch mark treatments: Pressodynamie®

Starvac has also re-invented pressotherapy with innovative technologies such as Active Wave®, the only treatment that really works on lymphatic circulation.

Just like Stretching Cellulaire®, Pressodynamie® gives way to natural dynamism instead of traditional therapy.

The dynamization of the veno-lymphatic system has an effect on cellulite, heavy legs, some pathologies around varicose veins, weight loss but also stretch marks.

Starvac: a partner in your success

By choosing our devices, you will have at your side a 100% French company and products 100% Made in France.
Our after-sales service is optimal as well as our support in terms of training, financing and return on investment.

Our devices, if they erase stretch marks, have a much wider spectrum of aesthetic action:

  • slimming: cellulite reduction, firming, body modeling,
  • treatment of marks: scars, acne, spots, etc.
  • anti-aging: flexibility and quality of the skin, smoothing of wrinkles and toning, radiance of the complexion.

In addition, you will have a happy clientele who will see the improvements from the first treatment.
Loyalty and word-of-mouth are based on trust in your treatments and cares, so Starvac becomes an actor of your success.

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