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Characteristics of the training

Access time from application to start of training

Non-compulsory training available with the order of a food supplement pack

Audiences and prerequisites

Two years of study completed or in progress (apprentices) including physiological and biological knowledge


1 module in Wébinar – 2H or in e-learnig – 45 min


Training offered for any purchase of a food supplement pack

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Complete your benefits


Increase your average basket with additional sales


Expand and energize your offer


Optimize your Cellular Stretching® & Pressodynamie® treatments


Build customer loyalty


Through this training, you will acquire theoretical, physiological and practical skills. Become an expert in Pressodynamic technology with our training.

Educational content

The training is divided into a theoretical and a practical module.

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1. Theoretical module

  • History of Pressodynamie®.
  • Anatomy and physiology of the human body: The lymphatic and blood system, cellulite, skin.
  • STARVAC technology and patents.
  • Applications in health care, sports, beauty and wellness.
  • Composition and applications of adapted cosmetics.
  • Conditions of use, indications and contraindications.
  • Precautions: screening, questionnaire, informed consent.
  • The specific risks of the devices.
  • Optimal use and associated maintenance.
  • Sales and marketing tools.

2. Practical Module

Demonstration of body protocols on model with demonstration material via videos:

  • Installation and safety of the model and the operator.
  • Handling of the device.
  • Choice of adapted protocols.
  • Steps to follow and use of the cosmetic.
  • Practice of the maneuvers associated with the treatment accessories.
  • Know how to react: breakdowns, skin reactions…
  • Cleaning of the device and its accessories.

Certified organization

The quality certification was issued for the following category of action: training actions.


Technical and pedagogical means

Training room: One theory room and one practice room, and Webinar
Theory: PowerPoint presentation and training booklet
Practical: Supporting videos

Follow-up of the results

  • MCQs attesting to the acquisition of skills.
  • Individual certificate of completion of training (law n°2009-1437)


At the end of the training, the trainee will be able to:

  • Practice and master the Pressodynamie® Beauty and Wellness treatments
  • For medical and paramedical professionals: practicing and mastering health care and sport Pressodynamie®.

Your trainers

You will be in good hands with our team of experienced professionals



Experte beauté/bien-être/santé



Responsable Service Formation





The return of the trainees

"Good training, well explained, I'm satisfied, more to practice"

Elise, Estheticienne

Citron Vert Aubagne

"Looking forward to doing small trainings with you again."

Amandine Obled, Responsable institut de beauté

Keep your smile, institut de beauté

"Great training very clear! And well organized! Top notch"

Manon Delail, Gérante

Ô de rose


Frequently asked questions

Make sure you have the delivery date of your device before you book your session!

Can our clients take all the CAs at the same time?

These are foodstuffs made of natural extracts and manufactured in France. Yes, all CAs can be taken at the same time.

Is it necessary to take the CA at the same time as a Cellular Stretching® treatment?

CAs can be taken during a course of treatment with SC® to optimize results, but also between two courses of treatment to ensure the maintenance of results.

How long should a course of nutritional supplements last?

For good results, we recommend cures of at least 1 month or the time of a Cellular Stretching® cure

Why sell nutritional supplements? Creams are not enough?

This will allow a global “in & out” care. they will prolong the effects of your care at home. In addition, the effects of the creams during the treatment act by an external action on the body, the food supplements will act inside our cells for a more complete solution

What ranges of Food Supplements do you offer?

4 products : 1 Fat burner, 1 Drainer, 1 Fat and sugar captor (SOS first aid kit), 1 Lifter

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