For 50 years, the Toulouse-based brand has been a French expert in tissue treatment. Starvac invents 100% natural technologies for beauty, health and sports professionals.

This year, Starvac celebrates its 50th anniversary. Since 1970, the Frajdenrajch family has been working to sublimate women and men.

“In the 1970s, my father opened his physical therapy practice. He was a physiotherapist and an inventor. When he was 19, he even won a gold medal at the Lépine competition for an invention, made from salvaged objects, that allowed him to wash the mechanism of an automatic watch.”

announces with pride his son, Daniel Frajdenrajch

First of all, like his siblings, Jean Frajdenrajch embraced a medical career. However, he has not forgotten his love for invention. Thus, in his physiotherapy practice, he developed his own equipment for thirty years to facilitate his daily work.

Revealing bodies without pain, the objective of Starvac

“In 2002, I took over this activity and transformed it into a company. Starvac’s DNA is based on French manufacturing. Our desire is to stimulate and energize the body naturally.”

says Daniel Frajdenrajch

In other words, a winning positioning since more than 300,000 pieces of equipment are sold worldwide and 27 patents have been filed. Starvac is an actor in the fields of beauty, health and sport. Based on these facts, Starvac has become one of the world leaders in connective tissue cell stimulation. Through its equipment, the company innovates by creating the first painless and natural treatment techniques to reveal the potential of each body. And the customers are conquered. That’s why they are the best ambassadors of the brand since they post their before and after results on social networks.

A revolutionary method

Among the techniques used, the company has developed a Cellular Stretching® device. It generates unique and unequalled stretching movements of the muscle cells, epidermis, dermis and hypodermis.

Jean and Daniel Frajdenrajch
Jean Frajdenrajch and his son, Daniel Frajdenrajch
PSX with its ergonomic boots.

Range of cosmetic products
Range of cosmetic products


Indeed, the device is also able to act on the connective tissue (blood capillaries, lymphatic capillaries as well as collagen and elastin fibers). A formidable weapon against cellulite, scars, stretch marks or sagging skin, among others.

“This machine allows us to treat the skin in an efficient way, without attacking it. The skin tissues are fragile, we want to give them back life and reactivate intercellular exchanges.

explains Daniel Frajdenrajch

In addition, this method is totally respectful of the skin and also allows the treatment of the most fragile. Indeed, it stimulates the body, any form of aggression is avoided. As for inventions, Starvac’s General Manager relies above all on the natural.

“With our experience, we know the need for naturalness. With no side effects, this technique can be applied to a maximum number of profiles. Natural stimulation is therefore the most effective, safe and ensures lasting results.

Made in France” in beauty, health and sport

Starvac has also developed a new treatment method: pressodynamie®. It helps to revitalize the lymphatic blood network with a positive impact on the circulation of fluids improving blood flow. In addition, pressodynamie® helps to significantly treat veno-lymphatic edema, venous or lymphatic insufficiency on the one hand and post-traumatic and post-operative edema on the other. All this is possible thanks to an ergonomic belt with nine inflation chambers or ergonomic boots with ten inflation chambers.

In the field of sports, for example, this equipment helps high-level athletes to drain toxins and improve the post-workout recovery process. The company also offers training for beauticians, in order to accompany them in the different theoretical, practical and commercial approaches. Although the brand is now established in many countries, the design office is still located in its Toulouse fiefdom.

Securing the future

As for the years to come, they will not be exclusively dedicated to the deployment of the brand on a large scale.

“We want to focus on our partners because we want to work with quality professionals. For us, the human element is a priority.

confides Daniel Frajdenrajch

Under these conditions, the future of Starvac seems to be all set and the succession already assured. “My son is only eight years old, but when asked what he wants to be when he grows up, the answer is pretty clear: I want to be Starvac.

DX light device
DX light
DX smart device
DX smart

Johanna Amselem

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