Lymphatic drainage is a massage well known for its detoxification virtues. However, its effects on the stomach go far beyond a slimming gesture. Provided, of course, that the massages have a real effect on the lymph, which is the case with our devices specially designed to act deeply and gently.

The list of benefits of lymphatic drainage on the body is long. Among these, its effects on the belly range from a gain in slimness to actions on cellulite, stretch marks, water retention… but also a general well-being due to the regulation of our enteric nervous system: the famous second brain.

Lymphatic drainage as seen by STARVAC

Our company was created by a physiotherapist. The care around the drainage was thus in the center of its concerns.

By innovating with more and more efficient devices, he wanted to increase the effects of the classic manual massage method tenfold while developing a precursory idea:

reactivate the body’s natural functions rather than just treating the symptoms.

Lymphatic and blood drainage remains at the heart of our research.

The massage, by restarting the deep circulation, allows to get rid of toxins but also to bring “nutrients” closer to the cells, for a regenerating action which also reactivates the whole immune system.
STARVAC has produced two different devices:

  • the PSX-AW, developed on the principle of pressotherapy with a thorough action by matching the legs, sleeves and belt with the limbs of the client/patient, and the Active Wave. This active and meticulous regulation of the inflation chambers ensures a deep massage and the imitation of walking without muscle mobilization. (more info here)
  • The DX range: several devices providing mechanotransduction on all layers of the skin and on all areas of the body. (more info here)Alone or in combination, our devices boost lymphatic circulation for quick and visible effects in a few sessions, and above all without discomfort or discomfort. On the contrary, our technologies are painless and provide, in the opinion of all patients and clients, a beneficial and relaxing massage.

By acting really deeply, the Starvac method allows a real lymphatic drainage with multiple benefits combining physiological and anti-stress actions:

  • reduction of lymphoedema,
  • elimination of toxins,
  • effective action against water retention and heavy legs,
  • Proven effectiveness on cellulite and orange peel skin,
  • medical actions on contractures, tears, scars, etc.
  • revitalization of the skin,
  • reduction of functional constipation,
  • improvement of general fatigue, etc.

However, these technologies are contraindicated in certain cases: pregnant women, recent surgery, etc. Ask your Stravac expert.

The functions of the lymphatic system are numerous, as much for the drainage of tissues and the elimination of toxins as for the circulation of nutrients and hormones. A revitalized lymphatic flow acts directly on the immune system.

Slimming and aesthetic effects in a few sessions

The slimming results of lymphatic drainage on the stomach come from several factors.

By massaging deeply, we touch the capillary network; once reactivated, it will be able to rid the body of toxins. At the same time, the fat clusters (adipocytes) and collagen fibers will be stimulated, releasing their own toxins which will then be easily expelled by the lymph. The body will therefore get rid of the fat by itself.

The deep massage also has an impact on the organs of the belly. It promotes transit, reduces bloating, constipation, facilitates digestion, etc.
All of which help your body store less fat, water, etc.

After the first session, the client feels lighter, and after one treatment, the average waistline loss is 6 cm (Clinical study conducted by the SFAS: Société Française d’Accréditation Santé).

A small aesthetic plus to obtain a beautiful flat stomach and a slim figure: in addition to the effects on cellulite, our method also acts on unsightly stretch marks.

Beneficial effects on our second brain: the enteric nervous system

Beyond the simple slimming gesture that comes from facilitating lymphatic drainage, the action of massage on the belly brings an astonishing well-being by directly affecting our famous second brain.

In addition to the traditional pressotherapy boots, STARVAC offers an exclusive abdominal belt for its PSX-AW machine.

With no less than 9 inflatable chambers, the ergonomic belt adapts to all body morphologies, and massages sequentially in the direction of the intestinal transit.

A massage that is similar to the gentle instinctive gestures of mothers on their children’s stomachs when they are in pain. This device, as well as the massage heads of our DX range, allows to really act on the drainage of the lymphatic system and to go beyond the simple slimming gesture.

In recent years, we have heard more and more about our famous “second brain”. The enteric nervous system would contain no less than 500 million neurons!

Without it, the activity of our brain would be monopolized by digestion and the production of serotonin… And the human being would have had great difficulty in evolving.

As close as possible to the happiness hormone!

To summarize, the famous enteric nervous system of our belly:

  • produces 70 to 85% of the immune cells,
  • contains more than 95% of serotonin, a neurotransmitter also known as the “happiness hormone” for its effects on sleep, emotions, food and sexual concerns,
  • generates much of the norepinephrine that promotes arousal, learning, alertness, sleep, etc. Too little norepinephrine leads to depression and impaired alertness.

And studies continue to shed new light on the importance of taking care of our belly through diet of course, but also through the effective care provided by massage.

In conclusion, massage to revitalize the body’s natural functions remodels and slims the figure, among other things thanks to the central effect of the lymphatic network. In addition, it provides your clients with an amazing feeling of well-being from the very first session. Especially if you complete the treatment with a manual massage, before or after the session, with our slimming cream based on natural active ingredients of guarana, horse chestnut and ivy, which firms the skin and reduces the orange peel appearance.

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